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Enhancing Clinical Research Efficiency with Westlisoft

At Westlisoft, we take pride in empowering the healthcare industry through innovative solutions. Partnering with esteemed organizations like Prisais Clinical Research Pvt Ltd, a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO), we enable breakthroughs in data management within the realm of clinical trials across India.

Our Collaboration

At the core of our collaboration with Prisais Clinical Research Pvt Ltd lies our commitment to optimizing their data management processes. Through our robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, we empower their data management team to efficiently oversee and manage extensive clinical trial data nationwide.

Key Features

Streamlined Data Handling: Our CRM tools facilitate seamless handling and organization of vast quantities of clinical trial data, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

Customizable Solutions: Tailored to the specific needs of Prisais Clinical Research Pvt Ltd, our CRM tools offer customizable features, adapting to the evolving requirements of their data management team.

PAN India Reach: Supporting nationwide clinical trials, our tools are designed to manage data from diverse locations across India, maintaining consistency and integrity throughout the process.


Through our collaboration, Prisais Clinical Research Pvt Ltd experiences heightened efficiency in managing their clinical trial data. Our CRM tools provide them with a competitive edge, allowing them to focus on their core research while ensuring data integrity, compliance, and security.

Why Choose Westlisoft?

Expertise: Backed by extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Westlisoft understands the intricacies and challenges of managing clinical trial data.
Innovation: We continuously evolve our tools to align with industry standards, ensuring our partners always have access to cutting-edge solutions.
Reliability: Our commitment to excellence and reliability makes us a trusted partner in driving efficiency and success in the healthcare sector.

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